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BeGood !

We are helping NGOs in their mission to make the world a better place.

Raising funds through BeInfluence !
Each time a nano-influencer participates in a campaign, he has the possibility to donate an additional part or all of his/her reward to an NGO of his/her choice.

Creating impactful campaigns for free

The donations can be withdrawn by the NGOs or re-used to create impactful social media campaigns through BeInfluence.


Médecins Sans Frontières

Today, we are an international organization, with hundreds of projects in more than 60 countries and our mission of departure has not changed. Our teams make every effort to treat the victims of wars, disasters and epidemics. We are outraged when people can not get the medical care they need, and we still believe that we can raise public outrage.


To achieve our mission, we take care to be totally independent of any political, economic, military or religious rule. Our financing is 99% private, so we can decide what help we want to give. We are neutral and we have only one interest in mind: that of our patients..


WWF is a global organization that provides solutions to protect and restore nature around the world. We act on the ground and intervene in political decisions, hand in hand with a strong community of people who want a better world. Together, we are determined to stop the loss of biodiversity: tigers, elephants and other endangered species to unique places such as the Amazon or the ocean, guardians of life on Earth and our well-being.


GoodPlanet encourages all generations to engage and build a sustainable society through the implementation of positive actions and the sharing of expertise. Every year, our 60 employees reach more than 500,000 children, young people and adults throughout Belgium.

CNCD 11.11.11

The CNCD-11.11.11 challenges the national and international political authorities on their responsibilities in terms of development cooperation and international solidarity.


CNCD-11.11.11 promotes awareness campaigns, information and mobilization of the population, with its member organizations. These campaigns revolve around themes such as North-South relations, access to economic and social rights, food sovereignty, citizen engagement in elections, and climate justice.


Through Operation 11.11.11, CNCD-11.11.11 funds action programs and development projects in Africa, Latin America, the Middle East and Asia.

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