Today is a great day! We just launched our brand new app BeInfluence on which we worked so hard 🎉 🎉

We are very pleased and honored to present you our new baby! It will change our ways of working. For real! Say bye bye to screenshots with your statistics. No more sending stories and pictures by mail. Everything is now done directly on the app, which was designed by influencers for influencers. This will make your life and ours way easier!

The app is already available on the Apple Store and Google Play. And it is TOTALLY free.

It will be open for influencers with more than 1k followers that have at least 9 publications on their feed. If your engagement rate is good and you have a high amount of followers based in Europe... We will pay attention to the quality of your content as well. If you match all of these criteria above... You are the perfect jam and we will be so glad to have you in our community.

As an influencer, you can expect a lot. You'll have access to great advantages, live insights like your average engagement rate, the reach you obtained during the campaigns and you'll even be able to get in touch with other influencers. The best part: you'll have early access to our campaigns and you can decide which ones you want to take part in.

This will give you more chances to get picked by the BeInfluence campaign managers and our clients.

Everybody can download our APP and register. At BeInfluence, we will check and validate if your profile matches the campaigns. If it doesn’t match for one campaign, don’t worry, we'll give you some tips to improve your account and to be chosen the next time.

On top on everything else, the best advice we can give you is to:

  • Improve your photos: the brightness and the frame are super important
  • do not hesitate to have fun and to create: it pleases more
  • talk a lot to your community and listen to them
  • select good hashtags
  • suggest rich & detailed stories that will help you to get closer with your followers

If you follow this advice: you’ll be so amazing for our next campaigns 😉


By participating in our campaigns it will be possible to lead a good action. You can use your influence to do great things. For each campaign you want to take part in, you’ll be able to give a small % of your profit for the association or NGO you’ll choose. BeInfluence will top 2 euros to each donation you will make. So if you give 5% of 100 euros for an NGO you will pick, this same NGO will get 7 euros instead of 5 euros.

We really wanted to bring easy and concrete solutions to make a difference in our world.

Whether it's fighting against climate change, poverty, giving more access to education or animal rights... Influencers can bring concrete and easy solutions. Using your influence can help so many others!

That’s what our BeGood program is all about!

You can download it here 😉

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And remember...