On TikTok, high-quality image is very important, therefore, we decided to give you these little tips to make sure your videos get all the attention they deserve.

-  Make people want to see your video.

Make sure to use a WOW effect image that will catch the attention very quickly. Users like to see beautiful things, whether it is bright colors or text. The first seconds are crucial.

If you want them to see the rest of your video, make sure it's catchy!

By the way, keep in mind that on TikTok short videos do perform better.

- Put background music and subtitles.

Music plays a big role on the app. Whether it's trendy, funny or plays the nostalgia card, using music on TikTok might help you increase your visibility (a bit like using hashtags).

Be careful though with the volume, you don't want it to hide the other elements of the video.

Did you know some people watch TikTok without putting the volume. So start adding subtitles to your videos if it was not the case yet.

- Add captions to your videos!

Write something nice so that people understand the purpose of your post.

Show people that you're cool and that there's interest in following you. Don't forget to use  hashtags related to your video.

- Why verticality is so important in TikTok content making

TikTok is formatted to be viewed on a smartphone, so vertical video is best, though horizontal is also allowed

Sometimes the borders are hidden when you upload a video on TikTok, so remember to center the important elements that you put forward (objects, texts, ...). Keep in mind a safe space as well as your copy will also be visible.


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