5 smoothie ideas from our influencers

It's summer time ! Smoothies are so refreshing and gives you all the vitamins you wanted. Wether you tan around the pool or at the beach... Here's our 5 smoothies selection we picked from our influencers community.

1) Beetroot berry smoothie

Great red smoothie from yosogreen! A smoothie full of flavors but not too sweet. It's made with veggie milk, frozen berries, coconut butter, a little beet powder and goji berries and finally a little ashwagandha coffee with a pinch of salt.

2) Summer fruit smoothie

A preparation that comes from thecooktime, refreshing and simple to make. You will need apricot, peach, nectarine, melon and raspberry. Once all peeled, mix it with ice cubes and serve it with a raspberry stick.

3) Gourmet Smoothie

Courtesy of cuisinonsencouleurs, this delicious gourmet smoothie is made with blueberries, strawberries and chia seeds. Super easy to make. Your new best friend during summer.

4) Vitamins Smoothie

Alia.rds shared with us a smoothie full of vitamins to start the day. It's never too green and healthy: celery, spinach, lime, mint and pineapple. A yummy combo full of energy and low in calories!

5) Banana smoothie

Get your fill of energy with lizzylizzblog. I can't wait to make this smoothie with Vanilla milk, banana, pistachio and greek yoghurt for my breakfast.

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