Influencer and student status

The last few years a new profession has emerged, influencer.

This new job may refer to different types of content creators from Instagrammers to Tiktokers. One thing they do share in common is creating quality content.

Each year, new influencers emerge. Some of them are very young and still student. Today’s blog might help those who want to make the big jump.

When a student wants to become a professional influencer, he has to make a choice with two mandatory procedures.

  1. To be under the status of independent

  2. To be under the status of student-entrepreneur

You chose the first option, here’s what you must do to become self-employed:

  • Open a professional current account

  • Register at the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises (registration will cost you 89,50€.)

  • Obtain a VAT number

  • Join the INASTI.

More info: Student@Work, Bruxelles-J

Keep in mind that you will have to pay a certain amount of money each quarter called social contributions. You will have to earn enough money to maintain this activity.

But don't worry, young self-employed people receive a lot of help.

You are a minor?

Conditions are different because you cannot be under the status of self-employed. But a derogation can be requested to the social laws control. Unfortunately, your income cannot exceed a certain amount and must be declared like everyone else.

You still want to become self-employed? You will have to be emancipated, then only you will be considered by the state as an adult.

You selected the second option? To become student-entrepreneur you need to:

  • Be older than 18 years old and younger than 25 years old,

  • Be registered as a student (at least 27 credits per year or minimum 17 hours of classes per week and a diploma recognized in Belgium)

  • Have a professional activity (without any subordination to an employer).

Depending on your income, social security contributions are reduced:

  • If your income is below 7,021.28 euros per year, you will be exempt from social security contributions.

  • If your income is between 7,021.28 euros and 14,042.57 euros, you will pay reduced contributions.

  • Unfortunately, if the amount exceeds 14,042.57 euros, you will pay the same contributions as a self-employed person.

Such as elf-employed status, you have to register with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises.

If you need more information, go visit your regional bodies (Actiris, VDAB and LeForem).

How does a student manage his life as an influencer?

The most complicated part is the accounting, the management of emails and the administrative work that takes a lot of time. When you have a collab, agencies or clients ask you to make invoices.

Not always fun to run after the money, check that everything has been done. Most of the students who are accepting collabs are not always aware of the procedures.

We asked some influencers who are still students to let us know how they manage and also a little information from an accountant.

We asked the point of view of an accountant, mister Lotfi said:

“A student can work, but to keep his student status, he can't exceed a certain income ceiling, i.e., 475 hours per year. For the activity of influencer, the status should change, because being an influencer, you are independent.”

On the influencers' side:

  • For Lisaslootds, one of our influencers, “it's difficult to manage studies and being an influencer. Sometimes, when I am in class, I force myself to limit my time on Instagram and I try to post when I can and not on set days. When I am in exam, I prepare all my posts in advance to free as much time as I can for Instagram. I split equally.

  • For all that is accounting (invoices, payment...) I do it on my ow.

Some advice from her to those who want to get into the influencer business:

« Plan as much as you can! You have to accept that your audience growth isn't as fast as you wished, especially when you're combining with 2 activities. »
  • Stéphanie is a student who wears many hats, she is a micro-influencer but also created her own digital communication agency a few years ago. "It's true that it's not easy to combine my studies and my new job. It takes a lot of organization to build an agency, but I consider myself very lucky! I am passionate about my studies. They are helping my agency as well.

  • For the paperwork, I joined a social insurance fund for freelancers and I took an option that gives me access to an app. It’s very handy because it generates invoices, quotes, etc.… For the moment I do it everything myself.

Some advice from her to those who want to get into the influencer business:

« Be yourself and trust yourself. It doesn't matter what field you are in as long as you do everything with passion. Confidence is the key word. »

We hope this article will help all the students and influencers in Belgium. For other European countries, best thing to do is check your regional bodies.