Some of the Instagram trends you will see on your feed

Do you remember? Last month, we wrote about some trends. Our micro & nano influencer community showed a big interest in it. This time, we decided to bring the fun on another social media platform… We identified some trends on Instagram in the hope it will inspire our BeInfluence community.

Beinfluence indentified some fashion trends.

The snow already left the country but on Instagram, you can still see some celebrities wearing Bikinis in the snow. So freezing cool!

The Netflix hit 'Bridgerton'- inspires Fashion and it’s taking over Instagram. Modern fashion take on the Regency time period.

You can say bye, bye ‘My jeans’… and welcome Spring with patterned pants.

What about beauty trends? One word: 'skinimalism'. It encourages Instagram users to step up their skincare and tone down their makeup to allow their "natural skin texture to shine through".

If you still wanna use your make up with style, focus on colourful comestics to give a 80’s eyeshadow vibe with pastel colors and glitter details. It’s fun, you will love it!

#Filterdrop. The UK’s advertising regulator recently announced a watershed ruling against Instagram influencers that use image-altering filters while being paid to promote beauty products. This might be extended in other countries. So why don't you already start?

It's always eating time somewhere in the world! Get ready to receive friends over with yummy Grazing boards as soon as this pandemic is over!

Goodbye to simple charcuterie boards and welcome to elaborate multi-layered dessert boards. Anything could be on your board: lunch, brunch, pancakes, candies… have fun with it!

Smashing Piñata cake. A smashing new food trend which packs a sweet surprise inside de cake. This trend took Instagram by storm around Valentine’s day but no doubt this will be extended to birthdays and gender reveal parties.

#BlueRice. Imagine a lovely meal with natural colored rice to give an extra touch on you Instagram pictures. It's delicious!

Last but not least... What is a photo dump? We've asked ourselves the same question. It’s an Instagram practice that involves grouping several disparate photos together for one casually captioned post. It reminds us a bit the time when we posted our holiday pictures in a gallery on Facebook. A bit of everything and a lot of nothing. Who remembers?