TikTok trends in February 2021

Updated: Feb 4

On the visual, @thomascaffeau @tom.illusion @dupontluna @zoegalliaerdt, influencers from the BeInfluence community.

With over 800 million monthly active users, TikTok has become an incredible marketing tool. Some of our clients asked us to tell them a bit more about TikTok. We simply said that the best way to explain it is to experience it. Go create an account and don’t miss out the culture that is out there.

BeInfluence suggests 3 ways of working on that social media.

-Use an efficient hashtag challenge

-Include Tiktokers in their Influencer marketing campaign

-Advertise on the platform by making TikToks.

Not convinced yet? Did you know that TikTok had the second spent time in app per sessions after Youtube? With an average of 315seconds per session. It means that you stayed on the app more than 5 minutes each time you open it. Such an entertaining social network! To top that, TikTok has an average engagement rate of 16% right after Youtube with 18%. When we know that instagram has an average engagement rate of 3%! Lots of possibilities to interact with your community!

We also work closely with TikTokers. When we asked them what would they say to newbies? Top answer is to "simply be yourself". After all, anyone can be discovered on TikTok. Do it for the fun, to express yourself and to be creative.

Whether you are a member of our community or planning on launching a TikTok account, here’s for you some of our favorite trends for February 2021.

Boney M - Rasputin (7’’Version)

Shamar Midgett – Follow Me

Marcus Vinicius Alfaro Nascimento – In The house

#dominochallenge #tortillatrend #wraphack




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