Top 10 mother's day gift ideas

Updated: May 5

Mother's day is coming... We asked our Influencer community what they are gonna give to their mama this year. Here's the Top 10 Mother's Day gift.

1) Flowers

The classic one. Sometimes simple things are the best. Flowers are ideal for your mom, it's always nice to receive some. 💐 If you can, ask to do it yourself.

2) Pregnancy announcement

Baby Boom alert! Giving life is one of the most beautiful things in the world. 😄Why don't you announce it to your mother that she'll be grandmother? Of course, this only works if you are expecting.

3) A beautiful new bag

A bag always makes a mother happy, we know that. 👜

4) A surprise picnic brunch with all the children and grandchildren. Maybe best to do it outside if the weather is nice. It's always nice to be reunited with your family. 👨‍👨‍👧‍👦

5) UNICEF HappyPack

A concrete gift that directly helps children. For each HappyPack purchased, a certificate is provided that you can give to the person of your choice. 🎁

6) "Plant a tree" with Treedom

“Make your mother proud - help out Mother Earth by gifting a present to your mother!”🌳

7) A custom phone case

Who doesn't want to have a new phone case. I am sure your mother needs a new one. 📲

8) An animal

Dogs and cats might be the best company she needs at home. 🐶

9) Family trip

We can travel again inside Europe! Recharge your batteries and spice up your daily life with a city trip 🌇

10) Romantic Spa weekend

She wants to relax a bit and forget about the kids. It's her favorite me-time. She will for sure love it! 🧘‍♀️🏊‍♀️ (You have a nice bathroom? Organize it at her own place.)

Small bonus :

Who says you need to spend so much? Get ready for your pretty pasta necklace. A simple gift from your little monster and such a nice thought. 🙉 Send us our pictures.

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