Top 10 road trip destinations to do this summer

Updated: Jul 20

Hey guys, you want to travel so much but Covid is still something and you find it difficult to do it by plane ? What about making a road trip this summer and discover some magical places you may not know yet. Since we try to stay close to our community, we made a top 10 road trip destinations you might want to do during summer. Enjoy!

1) Food

One of the most important thing when you book your holidays is not the destination but the food. I can guarantee that no matter what country you're in, as long as they have good food you'll have a great time.

Straddling France and Spain, the Basque country offers gastronomy that combines the best of both cultures. That will delight your taste buds for sure.


2) Spain – City of wine

You may know Spain for its beaches and food, or because you like all the diversified landscapes it offers but there are many more things to discover. For example, there are many "bodegas" (wine cellars) in Spain that are worth the look. One in particular could be the Ciudad del Vino in Elciego (Álava). It's one of the oldest bodegas in the country and has a futuristic architecture. During your stay you can also enjoy the hotel, both restaurants and a spa.

On your way, why not take the opportunity to stop a few days in Paris, the city of love and Biarritz, to taste the famous Basque food.


3) Portugal – Benagil's cave

Portugal has everything you want in a holiday. It has beautiful landscapes, it is sunny and affordable. One special place you could visit is the Benagil's cave. Considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, you can reach it by swimming or with a boat.

However, you shouldn't be afraid of driving long distance as it is located in the south of Portugal. Plan your trip to stop in nice cities and visit them as well.


4) France – Verdon Gorge

If you like being active during your holidays, the Verdon Gorge is the place to go. Not only they offer breathtaking landscapes, you also have plenty of sport activities such as hiking, kayaking, climbing, paragliding and many more. Located in the south of France, the weather is always good so you can enjoy a yummy barbecue with friends after a long day physical activity.


5) Italy – Rome

A country with a lot of cultural heritage, where you will discover many different stories like Rome's with its ruins and historical monuments. On your stay there, don't forget to make a wish in the Trevi Foutain and to go back in time at the Coliseum.

On your way to Rome, you pass through some other beautiful cities such as Zurich, Milan or Venice if you make a small detour. You can rent a nice Vespa and live the dolce vita.


6) Latvia – The national park of Kemeri

A destination not so touristic, take the opportunity to visit the Baltic States. They're full of endless forests, gorgeous lakes and marshes. In particular, the Kemeri national park is the largest vineyard in Latvia. To get there, stop in Berlin to eat pretzels and then in Warsaw to drink some zurek (a sour rye flour soup).


7) Italy - Lake Como

Lake Como is a small jewel in the north of Italy, close to the Swiss border. Considered one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, you can admire the luxurious villas that border it, but also meet the fishermen in the markets, visit its Roman abbeys or walk along its hiking trails.

Loved by the stars, if you're lucky you might even have the chance to share a coffee with George Clooney.


8) Ireland - Slieve League cliffs

With their +600m height, you can’t be afraid of heights to venture there. But there’s no need to panic for the less courageous, the Slieve League Cliffs Centre will welcome you. This family centre is run by an Irish couple and is full of local history and culture.

However, if you want to get to the top of the cliffs you will have to earn it, as it is only accessible by walking. Once at the top, you can admire where the sea meets the sky and see the waves of the Atlantic Ocean crashing against the rocks.


9) Germany – Triberg Waterfalls (Black Forest)

If you like hiking, you should definitely go to the Black Forest, a mountainous area in the southwest of Germany known for its dense evergreen forest, often associated with the Grimm brothers' fairy tales. In the heart of the forest, you can enjoy the Triberg Waterfalls. They can be admired both in summer and winter, but beware of the slippery path if you go during the cold season.


10) Romania - The Dimitrie Gusti Village Museum in Bucharest

Mostly known for the famous Dracula's castle, Romania has many other hidden treasures you may not know yet. During your trip you have to visit the Dimitrie Gusti Village Museum, located in Bucharest. It's a condensed version of rural Romania on 12 hectares with more than 300 houses, farms, wooden churches, windmills, barns and other rural buildings that have been built in real size and then transformed into micro-museums.


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