BeInfluence x Unicef

It is the kind of BeGood* campaign we love to do! With the help of our amazing influencers community, we had the pleasure to help Unicef Belgium get more visibility with their HappyPacks.

*BeGood is a BeInfluence program where influencers can give back a pourcentage or the entire amount of money they received from participating in a campaign with us. It allows NGO's and associations to have the opportunity to make influencers marketing campaigns with BeInfluence.

Content creators have a voice and can change the world at their own level this is why BeGood is so important for us.

Our campaign manager Laurane came up with this creative idea of making Reels on Instagram that portrays 4 things that makes the content creators happy.

These are the results we are thrilled to share with you!

It was so nice to do this campaign and we cannot wait to show you what's next...

Stay tuned and until then, don't hesitate to follow us on Instagram, TikTok and LinkedIn.