The leading 

nano & micro influencers


 Unlocking the World's Creativity

through Authenticity

We create visibility and impact on social media for our clients through the largest community of nano and micro influencers in Belgium.
We're not a platform, we're a full stack agency entirely dedicated to help our clients create, implement, execute and analyze their influencer marketing strategy. 
We have the largest community of nano and micro influencers
in Belgium, with 3.000+ content creators having between
500 and 80.000 followers on their social media.
Our influencers are active on
all the main platforms:
Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Snap, LinkedIn, Youtube, etc...
Why ?
Nano and micro influencers are seen as more authentic, more trustworthy and more aligned with their community, simply because they know their followers better ! 
Taking this and mixing it with BeInfluence's unique creative approach, we are able to reach amazing
results for our clients:
100+ campaigns.
13% avg Engagement Rate.
6% avg Click Through Rate.
34,5% highest Engagement Rate. 
24% highest Click Through Rate.
How ?
BeInfluence takes care of the whole process of your influencer marketing campaign.
Our team starts by defining the creative strategy and storytelling of the campaign. It will then select the most relevant influencers, based on their style and universe but also on the style and universe of their audiences!
Once the influencers have been vetted and selected, our campaign managers will manage the whole campaign, harvest the results and come up with quantitative and qualitative analysis that will be presented in a final report.
Creating awareness for your product or service.
Driving conversions and sales.
Boosting your social media channels.
Creating events and selling out your venues.
Creating and managing a year long ambassadors program.
creating hundreds of contents to reuse in your advertising.
And everything else in between !
We do it all.
For who?
BeInfluence is for 
-Small businesses and big brands
Wanting to increase brand awareness and/or sales towards the 16-54 years old.
In need of authentic User Generated Content, perfect to power social accounts and advertising.​
A part of the budget you put in BeInfluence will, at the end, go to NGOs and social organisations to create free BeInfluence campaigns !
BeGood !
We are helping NGOs in their mission to make
the world a better place.
Each time an influencer participates in a campaign, he can donate a percentage of his rewards to the BeGood program.
The donations can then be withdrawn by the NGOs or reused to run influencer campaigns
for free with BeInfluence.
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