Your opinion matters,

no matter how many followers !

Recommend your favorite brands and projects to your community and get rewarded


I only have my friends and family on social media and I don't consider myself

an influencer...

Is BeInfluence still for me ?

Of course!

If you have between

500 and 80.000

friends or followers you are more than welcome to join the community!

Let your content, creativity and authenticity do the talking, not your follower count !

BeInfluence is built for authenticity.

No fake messages, no fake followers, no fake rewards... Like you, we care about your followers.

BeInfluence is all about nano and micro influencers, everyday social media addicts, curious spirits and creative minds who share their favorite brands and projects through authentic content with their community, from followers to family and friends.

Every time you participate in a campaign, you automatically make a donation to the NGO of your choice (Between MSF, WWF, GoodPlanet, UNICEF & Amnesty International) ! 

BeInfluence regularly does free campaigns for NGOs and invites you to participate ! 

8.000+ euros have already been donated through


our community !                              


Do Good with your influence 

Be Good !

Authenticity times three

Authentic creators
You don’t need to have millions of followers to make an impact on your own social community ! All you need is creativity and an authentic message.

Authentic partnerships

Only participate in campaigns you genuinely love ! BeInfluence will only connect you to campaigns that fit your interests and habits.

Authentic rewards

Recommend only products and projects you love, just like you did before. Only this time you'll be rewarded for it !

Cash, invitations, free products... !

Some of the awesome partners you

could work with!  

How does it work ?



Choose a campaign you want to support and check the guidelines for your post.
Post your awesome creation on your social media! 
Get rewarded and help NGOs by choosing how much you want to give to the BeGood Program.
3.000+ members
have already taken part in a campaign. 
Already 3.000.000+ 
friends and family 
members have been reached by our community!   

Join us !

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