Your opinion matters,

no matter how many


Authenticity times three

Authentic Creators

You don’t need to have millions of followers to make an impact on your own social community!
All you need is creativity and an authentic message.

Authentic Partnerships

Only participate in campaigns you genuinely love!
BeInfluence will only connect you to campaigns that fit your interests and habits.

Authentic Rewards

Recommend only products and projects you love, just like you did before. Only this time you'll be rewarded for it!
Cash, invitations, and free products and more.

Our Community

The experience with BeInfluence was very grateful!
I was so excited to become a part of an important European campaign, this gives me a lot of joy.


The new BeInfluence app is very easy and helpful to use for Instagrammers & TikTokers with amazing opportunities.


I already worked on different campaigns with BeInfluence like the “Zero waste action” of Carrefour or the creative campaign of Smarties.
The BeInfluence campaigns are always fun, creative and close to our busy household.


Working with BeInfluence for more than 3 years now, it has almost become my second family.
They know me and know how I work but also the collaborations I like.
The best thing about Beinfluence? Their kindness is always appreciated and above all their appreciation of my work.


It's hard to pick a favorite campaign because I've loved every campaign we've done. I like that they were able to put the entrepreneurial aspect for people by running great campaigns.

Thanks to these campaigns that I was able to share with my audience, some readers were able to find their way in the world of entrepreneurship.


I love working with BeInfluence because of the young and friendly team 🤗

The briefings are short and clear, but with enough freedom to stay creative!


Very serious and welcoming agency that handles collaborations perfectly.

It's always a pleasure to work with them. 🥰


Creating content is a creative challenge, but it's also a way to bring great concepts and experiences with great values to your community.
Whether it's for WWF, Franklin, Doctors Without Borders or Tourism Switzerland, participating in campaigns has often offered me many opportunities in my career as a content creator.


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