Helping NGOs in their mission to make the world a better place.

What is BeGood?

BeGood is our unique program which consists of giving a percentage of your profit to the association of your choice.

How to participate?

It is quite simple: when you participate in a campaign, you are rewarded for your work. But you can go even further by giving the amount you choose to a NGO.

Creating impactful campaigns

I am a content creator and I participated in a campaign with BeInfluence for 100 euros. I decided to give 5% of my profit to the BeGood program. I gave 5 euros and kept 95 euros for me. BeInfluence tops 2 euros to each donation. That means I gave 7 euros. With these 7 euros I get to pick a project.

Thanks to our app, it will be easier to participate in our program BeGood

Thanks to your action you will be able to help to change the world directly through our app. Simply and efficiently.

The program in numbers


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