3 predictions of the future of influence marketing 👀

That's the question we ask ourselves at BeInfluence, an expert influencer marketing company based in Paris and Brussels.
The world of influence is in constant and rapid evolution. The arrival of new codes on social networks are increasingly, especially with the arrival of generation Z.

Here are our 3 predictions for the future of influence ⬇️

1. Creating real experiences and story telling

In the future, we'll likely see an increase in campaigns built around experiences like this, to incorporate more storytelling into collaborations.
We're a long way from the days when content creators would only talk about a brand without a story.
Brands and creators are under pressure to find new ways to communicate that take into account the needs, feelings and situations of their audience.

Let’s take our latest crazy collaboration with Digizik and our talent Shauna Dewit, one of our content creators at the sway crew. (More information here about our new talent management team)

Shauna did a story related to her daily life to promote the Stib’s new offer in an authentic and impactive way.

@shaunadewit #advertising I am ready to take my BMW with @STIB @MIVB Only 12€/y for people from BXL under 24 💁🏻‍♀️ #BXLFullAccess #abonnement #goviral #foryou ♬ original sound - Shauna Dewit

The collaboration was a success!

2. Rather work with nano and micro influencers

We also see the effectiveness of working with micro-influencers who convert more in terms of sales than macro-influencers.
Of course, the number of followers is important, but brands are also interested by the authenticity and between the influencer and his community.
A human discourse will have a more lasting and better emotional impact for a brand than a simple advertising poster.
Micro-influencers can generate directly feedback on the product and more conversion.

Source : Hivency

3. New areas

Influencer marketing will also continue to spread into areas we havent yet thought of. As we can see, influence has no limits and could correspond to all sectors if each one appropriates the codes of a relevant influence strategy for its project.
At Beinfluence, we work with luxury brands such as our campaign with Longchamp but also with the food industry with our previous campaign Carrefour and many more…

@chloevandenbussche for Longchamp x BeInfluence

Nobody will be able to predict exactly the future of the world of influence, but one thing is sure for BeInfluence: influence marketing is not ready to stop!

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