Mother's day is coming soon and you don't know yet what to get to your mom?

BeInfluence is a 360° agency and we think 360°, so let's go for some gifts ideas.

1. A beautiful bouquet of flowers 💐
Classic and timeless. Go for it!

2. A spa afternoon 
And yes, we suggest it every time, what could be better than enjoying a relaxing afternoon with your mom? 

3. Go see an exhibition together 🎨
Spring is here = the best time to go and discover new artists, and finish the visit with some tea and sweets. Plus the sunlight coming through the windows of the museums are the perfect finishing touch to your visit that will blow your mind!

4. A tête à tête at the restaurant with your mother 
A dream! But you're paying the bill! You spend the day with your family? Let's go to Lunch Garden with your kids, they will love it and everybody will be happy for this special day!

Photo @sachafarber

5. Give her some cookies! 🍰
And it's even better if they're from Maison Dandoy. It's tested, validated and approved by the BeIn team. 

6. A cooking workshop #miam 👩🏻 🍳
Cooking and enjoying with your mom is truly the perfect combo. Hurry up and make a reservation, classes are almost sold old...

7. A gourmet afternoon😋
Who has never wanted to do the food critics for fun? Well, do it for Mother's Day and spend the afternoon tasting small dishes. 

8. A music concert
Go with her to a violin concert with an orchestra, or attend a play performance. It's trendy, chic and Instagrammable, isn't it? 😉

9. A meal on fleek

How about switching the roles and making a delicious meal for your mom on Mother's Day? It's possible now and in 10 minutes thanks to the Flink app that delivers your groceries in 10 minutes. Amazing! 🔥

Photo @foooodiiizz

10. Shopping time for Mother's Day 🛍
Invite her to the Longchamp boutique in Brussels to choose her future favorite handbag. 

Photo @paulienriemis

So what are you going to offer her? We hope we gave you some cool ideas 🔥👀

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