March is out, April is in: the life of a busy influencer marketing agency !

As a new month arrives, let’s take a look at everything that happened at BeInfluence this past 4 weeks. We worked hard,we had some fun and we also celebrated a big achievement. It was for sure a very busy time at the offices for all our teams. Let’s see what they did…

 We worked hard:

IT is working on some new secret project(shhh).

The communication team also has a great news, BeIn is now back on tiktok for some fun videos. They also went back in the studio to shoot some great content. 2 new BeInterviews are coming soon. We don’t want to spoil anything, but you will get some confessions from Zoé Galliaerdtand Alziz.

We launched some pretty cool new campaigns this month. In Europe, 9 moms / content creators from 5 different countries worked with the Buy Better Food program to promote the healthy school meals petition.

In Belgium, a new client trusted us, so we are now working with Bel Group. March was a big cheezy month as phase 2 was launched for Maredsous, Boursin and babybel and our teams send to our influencers some cool packages filled with products for them to discover and cook with.

4 other campaigns also began. Content creators are collaborating on very different projects with Cedral, Rust-Oleum,Motominds and Hellofresh.

Let’s cross the border and head to Paris for a moment. On the 9th, we send 4 Belgian macro influencers to the Givenchy event. 2 colleagues from the Paris’ office attended aswell, and let us tell you, it looked pretty awesome!

In France, this month our team was busy working on 2 new campaigns. The first one, with which content creators get to try Nextdoor, the app for neighborhoods where you can get local tips, buy and sell items. The second campaign is for Monster High, the tv show on Nickelodeon.

Our amazing duo of talent managers were very busy with the sway crew members. First we welcomed a new talent Sami2bx! All our talents were really busy this month but they also had some fun aswell. On the 9th, we threw the launch party of OFFLINE, the pickx+ program with Shauna Dewit at the White Cinema in Brussels. Another great event was organized for Shauna, she collaborated with the Koezio and Redbull to celebrate her birthday.

As always our client directors, CFO and CEO worked super hard !

We had fun:

Our campaign manager teams welcomed two new interns and at BeInfluence, this signifies “Team Welcome Breakfast” which means that some croissants were waiting for us in the morning. These team breakfast are a great way to start the day together and introduce everyone to the new team members.

The Paris’ team and Brussels team both had their team building, one went to compete in a giant quiz game and the other went to an escape room. A great bonding moment between colleagues outside of the offices.

And last but not least, we celebrated ourfirst Award! We won the Newcomer Agency 2023 Award by, you can read all about that story here.

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