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3 updates are coming to TikTok

  • TikTok rolls out TikTok Pulse

The aim is to generate advertising revenue for content creators. So the battle between TikTok and Youtube Shorts is on once again. Who do you think will win?

  • TikTok improve their video editing tools

It offers new and very practical editing tools. You can now find :

  1. Clip
  2. Sound
  3. Text
  4. Picture-in-picture
  • Captions are now editable

From now on, we can modify the captions of the TikToks once they are posted. Isn't that great?!

Photo credit : TonyKraken

Twitter gets updated

The microblogging social network is improving in several ways.  It will now be possible to:

- Add background music to Spaces
- Have a shopping feed on your profile
- Attend Spaces from Twitter web

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Pinterest evolves

The social network of inspirations is joining the big league by adding a music option. It is now possible to add music to your pinned ideas. But that's not all! In addition to being able to add music to your ideas, it is now possible to perform the following actions:

- Video recording and editing of up to 20 pages of content;
- Voiceover recording to add your own voice;
- Ghosting tools (great for before and after!);
- Detailed pages for instructions;
- Interactive elements such as person IDs and stickers
- Save multiple drafts so you can publish more ideas
- Export options to share content beyond Pinterest ;
- Topic tagging, a publishing feature that connects content to relevant interests.

Image source: LesEchos

Instagram is still updating

Several updates are available or to come for Instagram. We can count among them :

  • The future possibility of adding collaborative content to the reels
  • A new design for the web version
  • The sharing of Horizon's World videos in reels instagram
Image source : Siecledigital

LinkedIn updates

Some updates have been made on the platform side. We can find:

- Ability to login to your LinkedIn account via Face ID
- Identify false linkedIn accounts through enhanced authentication
- Possibility to add stickers to the online visuals

Image source : blogdumoderateur

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