The Chinese social network will launch a paid feature for its content creators

The principle is quite simple: it will be necessary that the subscribers of the creators pay for an additional feature to have access to live sessions with their favorite content creators. So, during a live session, the creator will be able to activate the "subscriber-only" feature, which will make the live session a private one with the paid subscribers.

To have access to this kind of feature you must be over 18 (for the fan) and have more than 1000 subscribers (for the creator). Thanks to this new subscription, you will also have access to exclusive conversation groups. As you can see, the strategy is to create a privileged link between the creator and his subscriber so that he feels special.

The trend of paid subscriptions is growing

Indeed, the feature will be tested tomorrow, and is greatly inspired by the model of Twitch with its different personalized subscriptions for streamers. Recently we learned that Instagram had also launched its paid feature.

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