Yes, you read it right, BeInfluence is a 360 degree agency. You may know BeInfluence as a news commentator (you know BeNews flash info on Instagram and TikTok), as an incredible influencer marketing agency, sometimes as trends analyst but you know... before Covid happened, BeInfluence also did great events. This is why we are thrilled we could organize for our long term partner Nestlé, a lovely gate away weekend with mom and dad influencers at Plopsaland De Panne, an amusement park.The whole idea was to organize a lovely week-end to meet the Nestlé BabyFan ambassadors. Mothers and fathers from the program had the opportunity to get to know each other in real person. It's always nice to meet other content creators you see on social media.

Are you following us on our social media? Then you may have seen it all about this incredible experience with ambassadors from our program Nestlé BabyFan. Our content creators had a lot of fun! A great family moment with delicious food, influencers from our community, rollercoasters and quality time with our BeInfluence staff. We only work with “la crème de la crème” (which means the best in French). For our partner Nestlé, it was also a great opportunity to meet all the ambassadors with their lovely babies.

This is a throwback moment we are happy to share with you. We took care of the whole weekend... From hotel bookings to managing social media and scheduling the whole weekend activities in a great Belgian amusement park.

Content creators could attend to several Nestlé and BeInfluence workshops about childhood nutrition, increase visibility on social media while being a mom influencer...

Our campaign managers @Esra killed it by giving a speech about content creation . She said: “Today, we are faced with an abundance of social platforms, new tools and developments of all kinds. Some content creators feel overwhelmed and focus only on what they know, without diversifying their content or the networks on which they are present. I hope that at the end of my workshop, the Nestlé BabyFan ambassadors have understood that a good strategy is the basis of any digital success story

We also asked to our ambassador their impressions of the whole weekend. For @Lola.Lonaturel, one of the Nestlé BabyFan ambassador, attending to this event was a pure joy.

This was Holly's first theme park. What a pleasure it was to see everything again through her eyes! She had a blast! A great time with the family but not only... I had the opportunity to meet some great people and to go from virtual to real for others! I hope to see them all again because it was a real moment of sharing, exchange and especially laughter!

The whole weekend helped Nestlé to increase the visibility with more than +124K organic reach, +17.3K likes and +421K impressions for Belgium market. We gather all info in real time thanks to our app BeInfluence, available for content creators on the App Store and Google Play. We can agree that this event was successful  🎉🎉  Everyone liked it.

Our community is in a way the best reporter we could ask. Check in pictures the whole experience!  😉

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