Here we are!! The revelation of the big secret is today, something exciting that we have been preparing for a few months...

We are very proud and happy to introduce you the SWAY CREW 🍍👏🏻👏🏻

Okay great, but what is it ? The Sway Crew is BeInfluence's new department that brings together talents who have signed exclusively with the agency.

With the rise of the content creator profession, influence, digital means and the growth of social networks, talent management becomes an important issue. BeInfluence has understood that, thanks to the professionalization of the content creators, it is imperative to know how to organize.

BeInfluence has therefore launched the Sway Crew to offer personalized and adapted services to content creators. Our team of professionals handles partnership requests, negotiates contracts and obtains the best collaborations for Sway Crew members.

If you are very interested in our management services please contact us :

Say welcome to our 5 very popular active members ⬇️

Maybe you already know them 😉


It only takes 10 seconds for her to make us laugh. And like almost all of her 1.3 million subscribers on TikTok, BeInfluence fell under her devastating charm and unwavering humor. She's a hard worker like you've rarely seen. Organized and well surrounded, Shauna is the smile of Brussels, ready to infect you with her good mood.


Vidal is the CEO GTA of Bx! Samuel le Drare, the director Alexe, a little bit from Schaerbeek, passionate and unstoppable, he is followed by more than 353k people on TikTok. Artist, creative and born leader, nobody knows where he will be in 10 years but BeInfluence is delighted to be part of his universe and to support him for all his projects and continue to surprise us.


non-capitalized krego, our favorite potato. krego  is a smooth and calm singer and influencer. Buoyed by his participation in The Voice Belgium in 2018, he is pursuing his dreams on the TikTok platform thanks to his 310k subscribers.Listened to and shared millions of times with Jean Jean, his Djadja cover, He spreads good vibes on your airwaves. The author of "Patate" sings all his emotions with advertising partners conquered by so much creativity.


Jo, at first sight, we want to follow him. Perfect representative of the Z generation, he defends values that BeInfluence also shares. He fights against gender oppression, sexuality and, more broadly, he defends the minorities of Brussels and the French-speaking world. Jo looks like a dark boy, but he is a funny and caring young adult. A love followed by more than 150k subscribers.


If you don't know Alizée yet, go right now on TikTok and type @Alzliz. Our favorite vlogger will tell you all about her adventures with a touch of humor that characterizes her. From South Korea, Alizée tells us about the adventures of a Belgian ambassador of diversity. In addition to being a comedian, Alizée is an artist who completes herself more and more. She draws, writes, paints, makes videos and edits them by herself. She is great, we love her and her 314k subscribers too.

We said it months ago, BeInfluence is a 360° agency 😉
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