As usual, we have looked into the latest news about social media. And we made an article for you that will help you to better understand your navigation on the vast sea that is the Internet.

➡️ New TikTok feature:

TikTok launches a new feature: the history of views on videos shared on the social network. This means that:

  • The people you follow will be able to see that you have viewed their posts,
  • You can see which subscribers have seen your posts,
  • You can disable the feature now or at any time from the Settings and Privacy menu.
Settings on TikTok to deactivate profile views

➡️ New on Pinterest:

Some changes at Pinterest. Indeed, they have just welcomed a new CEO: Mr. Bill Ready, former business manager at Google, and division manager at PayPal. This decision is motivated by the fact that they want to put more focus on online sales.

This leaves great prospects for the platform to evolve, especially with the development of product integration and shopping and make the customer experience even more optimal. More and more platforms are turning to the sale of online products (online store on Instagram for example) which pushes users to consume more and more. E-commerce is now taking over our social networks.

➡️ New from LinkedIn:

The funny emoji is coming to LinkedIn. It is now available as the 7th possible reaction on posts, with the likes, bravo, support, love, informative and interesting. However, this arrival is a source of debate: some see it as a new way of expressing themselves, while others question the necessity of its place on this professional social network. One thing is sure, it is already used by the followers of the web. You can follow us on LinkedIn is it's not already done of course 😉

Reactions available on LinkedIn

➡️ New in WhatsApp:

It is now possible to choose who can access our profile information. This type of feature allows more control of personal information on his profile. So, in the settings, each user can change the access on the profile picture, news and status according to:

  • Everyone: all WhatsApp users will have the possibility to see your "seen at", profile picture, news or status.
  • My contacts: only the contacts present in your address book will be able to access it.
  • My contacts except...: gives the possibility to exclude some users who will not have access to this information.
  • No one: you will be the only one who will see it.
More controls and safety on WhatsApp

➡️ Games during your Teams meetings?

What we know today: microsoft would be developing games on its video conferencing application. This new feature aims to encourage colleagues to have fun together during long-distance meetings and thus strengthen the team spirit in case of teleworking for example. Microsoft plans to introduce "simple games for casual players", such as Solitaire or Power 4.

➡️ Snapchat news:

Towards a paid version? This is what the platform recently unveiled, highlighting different monthly subscriptions to activate additional features for the most assiduous "snapchatters". The subscription starts at $3.99 per month. But the options available for these subscriptions are still unclear. According to information (yet to be verified if this is true), these features would include:

  • Display a new profile badge to show that you are a Snapchat+ subscriber,
  • Access exclusive Snapchat icons,
  • Pin a friend in the app as "your #1 best friend",
  • See your friends' location history over the past 24 hours,
  • See how many friends have seen your Story multiple times.

We note the intention of the application to want to innovate and update itself in the face of the meteoric rise of applications like Instagram or TikTok. Since Kylie Jenner said she no longer used Snapchat, the application has fallen in the polls.

Source : Le Blog du Modérateur

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