Creating the Ultimate Influencer Package: Our 1O Tips for a Successful PR Mailing Campaign.

Have you watched an unboxing video ? Do you enjoy opening packages? Are you part of a team that needs to send out product to content creator ? If so you are on the right page !

Unboxing videos are one of the most popular types of content on Instagram, Tiktok and YouTube. Creators are often submerged by demands and products, to put it bluntly if you want to be chosen or featured your nfluencer kit should be amazing. To put it in perspective, 77% of consumers say social posts have inspired them to buy from brands they hadn't heard of. The popularity of trends like unboxings and hauls says it all. 67% of influencers say that they have worked with brands on unboxing videos and people really do love it !  62%of those who watch unboxing videos reporting that they research the product featured in the video afterwards. The creators and their viewers should feel excitement and satisfaction as the package is unboxed.

Brand packages for Galbani, Maredsous, Boursin & Carrefour.

A successful PR campaign can increase brand awareness and help build strong relationships with influencers. the package you send should reflect your brand values and provide value to the influencer. Wether it is gifting or sending influencers a package for a paid collaboration, brands need to stand out from the crowd and we are here to tell you how !

When we are putting together a brand package for influencers, we think about why, how and how to make it fun. This process isn't just about sending them products, it's about the experience you offer.

We've got all the tips and tricks  to create the ultimate PR package! So, grab your glitter and get ready to make some influencer magic!
Putting together a brand package @Beinfluence

Our 10 tips for the ultimate content creator package:

Tip #1: The budget

Set a budget for your PR mailing campaign. It is essential to have a clear idea of how much you can spend on this type of campaign taking into account how many influencers you want to work with, and the value of the products you want to send them and transportation. It will be the best way, for your marketing agency to start creating.

Tip #2 The why

As with any marketing campaign, it's important to start by defining the “why” behind it. Ask yourself what goals you want to achieve by sending these products to influencers. Having a clear message is the best to have the desired outcome.

Tip #3: Be strategic

Don’t just randomly toss items into a box. Is there a special occasion or holiday that you can tie your campaign with? Valentine's day, easter or arrival of spring, these are all good opportunities to conceptualize the package and make it themed. Stage your product and consider how the package will be opened and place items purposefully in the order you want them revealed.

Tip #4: Be creative

Get creative with your package and think outside the box. Your package should stand out and make a lasting impression on the influencer. Consider unique packaging ideas or different ways to present your product to make it more visually appealing and shareable. Make it fun, make it original.

Tip #5 Choose the right products

This one does seems obvious but is primordial. You have to include product samples that the influencer can try out and share with their audience but it needs to be the one that are essential for your campaign. Don't be too scarce, be generous but not too generous so it doesn't seem outrageaous. Shake things up with a little wow factor. To be on brand doesn't mean only including your products, to make it fun and on theme you can always include some cool goodies.

Tip #6: Make it Personal

Personalize your package to the influencer you’re reaching out to. Know the person you contacting, what they like, their preferences, and their universe. Include a personalized note to add a personal touch and show that you value their work. Customize the package with the influencer’s name or other personalized touches. This will make them feel special, and it’s more likely that they will share the package with their followers.

Tip #7: Make it Exclusive

Make the influencer feel special by offering an exclusive deal or content. You can create a special edition product just for them or give them access to content that they can’t find anywhere else. By making them feel exclusive, they will be more likely to share your brand with their followers.

Tip #8: Make it Ethical

Use eco-friendly packaging materials whenever possible to align with your brand values and reduce your environmental impact. Think about your package impact, use the least plastic possible and not adding unnecessary goodies. Tryng to find thrifted baskets, plates or any elements that you can find second handed is always a great idea.

Tip #9: Media Kit

1Include a mediakit that provides information about your brand, the product, or service and highlights your campaign points. A note explaining the goal of the campain, the accounts to tag and the hashtags to use. The clearer the better.

Tip #10 Shipping :

Tell the influencer that the package is on the way. Surprises are fun, but it's less fun when no one is home to receive it. Think about the fact that it's going to be transported when putting the package together. Choose packaging that is both visually appealing and durable enough to protect the contents during shipping.Use a reputable shipping company to ensure that the package is delivered safely and on time. Follow up with the influencer after they receive the package to ensure that they received it and to provide any additional support they may need.

In summary, creating an effective PR mailing campaign requires thought, creativity, and attention to detail. By personalizing the package, making it exclusive, and including product samples, you can make the influencer feel excited to receive it and it could be a great content opportunity.

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