1) Try different types of content on a regular basis

Instagram is constantly evolving, and you must be there when new trends, features, or updates are live. In 2021, we say: 'Think video'!

  • Use Reels as much as you can, Instagram is gonna like it. It's short videos like Tik Tok.
  • IGTVs are also a fantastic tool to develop your profile because it gives you access to another section of the application.
  • Stories, everyday! Instagram stories are the most popular feature. There is a possibility of stories replacing feed as the main feature.
  • And last but not least, Lives is a great way to spread a warm and authentic message to your audience. It's live so you are just being your authentic self.


2) Instagram "Saves" are still a hot engagement metric

Images that are educational, information-heavy or almost infographic in style are likely to be saved as people want to “save it for later,” so they can process that information in their own time.

One of the best ways to improve your engagement is to create more content that encourages your audience to tap the save button! Use for example also carousels to share tips and useful information that will increase your chances of being saved.


3) Write longer captions.

You can go up to 2200 characters, so what are you waiting for to share anything you want with your community.

The time spent on your post is very important for insta's algorithm so don't hesitate to write long captions. See it as you own personal diary.


4) Optimize your profile.

Your profile is the first thing your potential followers will see after they click on your account. To create the perfect profile, start by thinking about:

  • Your profile picture: A photo of someone smiling is much more effective than an artistic photo of your building.
  • Your bio: Keep, it short and simple. Highlight what you do and remember to use appropriate hashtags to generate engagement.
  • Highlights: A wonderful way to save valuable information that your followers want to see.


5) The most famous of all is hashtags.

If you want to increase your engagement on Instagram, it's really important to understand which hashtags attract the most people to your posts.

To make sure that you' re using the right ones for your content, you'll need to do some research. For example, looking at the right tags on Instagram's 'explore' page might help you. If you still have no idea, check similar accounts for inspiration.

To be identified by agencies, you might wanna start using hashtags like #belgianblogger if you are from Belgium, #frenchblogger if you are from France or #dutchblogger if you are from the Netherlands,...

Marketeers usually decide a communication strategy for their own country. This might help you be found more easily by agencies or brands. It also works with #frenchinfluencer, #dutchinfluencer, #belgianinfluencer and so on.

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