Sway Crew collabs make us dream 😍

As you may know, since the launch of the Sway Crew (if you don't know yet about it, go read our article about the launching 🍍), our talents are everywhere and are taking part in many campaigns they LOVE ❤️. They create good content for their community. At BeInfluence, we love following them and especially seeing them being happy and proud of the projects in which they take part.

Come on, let's see what they have done last months ⬇️ ⬇️ 😉

@alzliz took part in the last Bruxelles Formation campaign
@19.poetic got a new tattoo
@jonathankrego did a cool TikTok for the Prévention Sida campaign
@shauna.dewit will be on our TV
@vidalexe went to the last event of the European Commission in Bruxelles

#BeReady for the next collabs, BIG things are coming and we can't wait to show you what's coming... 👀🔥 You can follow them here.

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