The Discover List: Meet the TikTok Creators of 2022 - France/Benelux edition

TikTok’s global community represents every facet of culture. From entertainment, to food, to fashion, art, and more — the creators continue to be the driving force behind emerging trends and innovative content creation.

When TikTok made his notorious list, we were amazed to see that nobody from France, Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg was actually in that list.

We're thrilled to unveil The Discover List 2022 - BeInfluence Benelux édition, our first annual showcase of 46 incredible creators who are driving positive impact on TikTok and beyond. This year's tastemakers and trendsetters are featured across five categories — Changemakers, Icons, Innovators, Foodies, and Originators.

Discover List creators continue to foster a global community on TikTok that celebrates creativity, discovery, and authentic expression — they entertain, shine light on important topics, educate, and inspire. Whether they're empowering others to learn something new, challenging viewers to try trending recipes, or inspiring their audience to join movements that advocate for lasting, positive change, these creators impact culture and society as we know it.

@hugoclementk & @fenna.ramos


Changemakers speak up and speak out. They advocate for others. They stand for something. They teach us something new. From educating their followers, to advocating for change, to sharing their culture — these creators push themselves and others every day to learn and to do better for the world.

@realboyjimmy, France

@timonverbeeck, Belgium

@fitclaire, France

@hugoclementk, France

@careerkueen, France

@fenna.ramos, The Netherlands

@culturepsy, France

@vanilack, Belgium

@chrostin_, Belgium

@anneskitchentv & @juanarbelaezchef


 Foodies are creators who bring the flavor to the For You feed. They’re creating new recipes and teaching their followers how to make incredible meals, step-by-step. They’re not just making food, they’re designing masterpieces. The one thing they have in common is that they’re all adding their creative spin on cuisine — and it’s all delicious.

@leslieencuisine, Belgium

@loicfood, Belgium

@juanarbelaezchef, France

@anneskitchentv, Luxembourg

@heavencakeemilie, France

@dutcheats, The Netherlands

@healthymum, France

@fitfoodsil, Belgium

@chef_billy81, France

@healthyhabits.celien, Belgium

@yanahuremovic, Belgium

@aanthonin & @envyperu


These creators are the moment. Icons are leading trends and are recognizable up and down the For You feed. They’re carving a path for content creators everywhere, both on and off the platform. They live and breathe TikTok culture and inspire others to do the same.

@timonthegram, Belgium

@nikkietutorials, The Netherlands

@celinedept, Belgium

@aanthonin, France

@camille_dhontofficial, Belgium

@envyperu, The Netherlands

@stienedlund, Belgium

@missvanessavancartier, Belgium

@dutchgoalkeeper & @enderscholtens


Innovators bring a unique twist to what it means to be a content creator. They are pioneers in their fields and have a fresh point of view in everything they do. They are constantly pushing creative boundaries — whether it be with effects, storytelling formats, or artistic transformations — and are not afraid to experiment and try something new, inspiring millions with their creations.

@enderscholtens, Belgium

@dutchgoalkeeper, The Netherlands

@averagerob, Belgium

@youzy.tok, France

@lepabloandres, Belgium

@jordantelevision, France

@edpeople, Belgium

@lemathsefaitdesfilms, Belgium

@scottsreality & @zoegalliaerdt


 The creators we love who create the trends we live for. The creators who've started viral dances, sounds, aesthetics and more. The creators who are the culture. Originators know what makes the community tick and they continue to make content that is iconically #ForYou.

@scottsreality, The Netherlands

@vidalalexe, Belgium

@felicieakafee, France

@shaunadewit, Belgium

@ashleyguijt, The Netherlands

@eliasverwilt, Belgium

@zoegalliaerdt, Belgium

@isaakdssx, France

@steffimercieeee, Belgium

@jonatanmedart1, Belgium

Creating Impact, on and off TikTok

The Discover List honorees are just getting started. Whether they’re shaking up the food industry, sparking change, or redefining what it means to be a Changemaker, Foodie, Innovator, Icon, and Originator, these creators drive culture and continue to transform digital entertainment. We can’t wait to see what they do next.

The creators highlighted here by our team are only few examples of the incredible diverse TikTok's community and this selection cannot be exhaustive.

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