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TikTok is expanding ads on the platform.

3 new ad formats are coming to TikTok

  • Video Shopping Ads

These are video shopping ads. The concept is simple: brands can create videos to be displayed in the news feed of their target audience. This is a new way of capturing attention and making it easier for interested people to go to the relevant shopping page.

  • Catalog Listing Ads

Catalog Listing Ads are actually presented as a catalogue through which brands can showcase their product to shoppers.

  • Live Shopping Ads

Simply a live shopping session! Which is pretty cool for the user who doesn't have to leave home.

These three formats are accessible from the "for you" tab and are obviously paid for by the brands.

An interesting bet for the European market? It's risky, to say the least, as Facebook has recently been paying the price with live shopping and the lack of user interest in it. It remains to be seen whether e-commerce will take off as much as in Asia...

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LinkedIn gets a makeover

The professional social network has been evolving regularly lately in order to offer a better browsing experience for its users.

Linkedin is committed to diversity in recruitment and is launching the LinkedIn Recruiter to avoid differences in recruitment between men and women.

The platform also encourages users to post more and helps them to maximise their engagement. For example, LinkedIn has launched new publication templates.

Finally, a new Discover feed is being tested. It is a feed much like TikTok's For You, to access a lot of news related to your business.

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YouTube gets updated

As the number one video host for many years, it remains the preferred place for users to share their daily videos. However, in view of the popularity of short videos such as TikTok or Reels, YouTube has decided to get involved too. With the introduction of YouTube Shorts, it is possible to create, edit and share short videos.

In order to bring back the community of content creators on Youtube, from 2023 onwards, shorts creators will be able to benefit from the Youtube Partner Program in order to monetize their videos. Of course, there will be conditions to be met in order to be eligible as a shorts producer:

  • Have a minimum of 1,000 subscribers,
  • Generate a minimum of 10 million views on the Shorts, in the 3 months prior to applying for the Partner Program.
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Instagram is getting better

While speculation was that video would win on Instagram, there is now talk of a return to the photo. Indeed, after petitions and user dissatisfaction, Instagram is backtracking and putting the photo back in the spotlight. Yes!

However, Instagram is still developing its short video format, as it is now possible to post real ones of up to 90 seconds. In addition, videos under 15 minutes posted on the app will automatically be turned into real.

One last new feature that will please many is that it is now possible to make 60 second story videos. Instagram has just announced that from now on, videos of less than 60 seconds will no longer be split into several segments.

Source : pexels

The boss of Instagram shares his tips on his Instagram account

Although he has often been criticized for moving towards video, he shares his tips for activating his community on Instagram and increasing engagement:

So here's the magic recipe:

  • Try 90-second reals
  • Import audio into your videos
  • Put interactive stickers in the Real ones
  • Don't hesitate to pin your best posts to the top of your feed 😉

A QR code available on Insta!

The latest innovation to Instagram is the creation of QR codes via the Instagram post of your choice. How cool is that? And what's more, it's super simple. You click on the three little dots at the top right of your post, then the suggestion to create a QR appears, you click on it and there it is 👀 you can share it with whoever you want. By scanning this QR code you can access directly to the publication.

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