TOP 200 Belgium: the most influential personalities on social media in Belgium

Top 200 Belgium: the ranking of the  Belgian public figures on social media !

Who are the most influencial people today on social networks in Belgium?

The place and role of social media in Belgium is well established. Look around you, the world is connected and engaged. Today, we all follow Belgian icons online. Famous sportsmen and women, artists and singers, politics, movie stars and even content creators, they have a considerable influence on social networking platforms and have a large number of loyal fans.

For the first time in Belgium, in collaboration with Favikon, we present the groundbreaking Top 200 ranking of the most influential Belgian public figures on social media. The ranking is divided into different categories: a general ranking of the 200 people with the greatest cumulative impact on all the different networks, and specific rankings by platform: TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Linkedin.

This ranking is also proof that being present on the networks to reach a wider audience is essential. In the top 200, we find professionals from all walks of life. Charles Michel, President of the European Council, is in 110th place, Guy Verhofstadt, Member of the European Parliament, is in 125th place, Alexander De Croo, Prime Minister, is in 135th place. But also Joeri Schasfoort, economist, is in 194th place, Ilham Kadr, CEO of Solvay, is in 175th place, and  Anuna De Wever, environmental activist, is in 157th place. The top 100 also includes a wide range of profiles: author and psychotherapist  Esther Perel in 39th place, pro cyclist  Remco Evenepoelin 54th place, barber Jurgen Meerschaert  in 61st place, and preacher and lecturer Nader Abou Anas  in 75th place.

Belgian content creators and influencers have a great spot in this ranking! 8 of our Sway Crew talents are present in this top 200:

The list of the top 200 most influential people includes well-known Belgian content creators. Flemish influencer Stien Edlund in 14th place, youtuber and entrepreneur  Gaëlle Garcia Diaz in 23rd place, beauty blogger and Tipik host Lufy in 31st place, Jill the multi-hatted creator known as SilentJill in 53rd place andAurélie VanDaelen  in 119th place. The men are not to be outdone in the rankings, with tiktokeur and youtuber Ken Demarteau in 33rd place, influencer Nathan Vanderunst aka Acid in 37th place, and one of Belgium's favorite youtubers Average Rob  in 44th place.

Are you ready to discover the best of the best, the top 5 of each category.

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Top 200 overall

Top 5 most influential Belgians on social networks.

Their score is the sum of their influence on each social network: Instagram, Tiktok, Linkedin, Youtube and Twitter.

Top 200 Instagram

Here are the Top 5 most impactful Belgian personalities on Instagram.

Top 200 TikTok:

Here are the Top 5 most influential Belgian personalities on Tiktok.

Top 200 Linkedin:

Here are the Top 5 most influential Belgian personalities on Linkedin.

Top 200 Twitter:

Here are the Top 5 most influential Belgian personalities on Twitter.

Top 200 Youtube:

Here are the 5 most influencial Belgian personalities on Youtube.