To start off this new year right, we've analyzed a few trends in influencer marketing!


1. Live shopping
Shopping through entertaining live videos presenting products and services is now possible. Giants like Carrefour or Sephora are already fans😉

2. Privileged moments with its community

2022 will be the year where the proximity between content creators and community will be highlighted! A trend that will develop is the creation of online stores with, in particular, paid subscriptions that allow to follow and maintain a privileged relationship with one's favorite creator, but also to support him through his different projects.

3. Storytelling
It will be a major tool for communication and content creation. Indeed, to highlight a product and promote it, nothing is better than selling it with an experience or a story. Thus, consumers will have a better idea of what the product offers and will be able to project themselves more. Storytelling is a very good sales technique because it is authentic and spontaneous.

4. The TWITCH platform

Great success already met in 2021, its presence on the web is confirmed for this new year. The particularity for this year is that the content has been developed (up to quadrupled!), we do not only deal with gaming but also with art, cooking, culture, fitness etc. Finally, the live experience is more attractive because users can interact with their favorite streamers, and that changes the way they do things.

5. PINTEREST's strong comeback
The application has established itself on the market in 2021, and will be a major player in 2022. Indeed, many content creators create a profile on it to find inspiration but also to share it with its community.

Want to know where your favorite influencer's hair clip comes from? Ask her and you'll see that she'll redirect you to Pinterest 😉

It's clearly the platform on which we want to buy everything even if we don't need it just because it's beautiful... it really hurts...

6. TIKTOK or what else?
The most famous video platform will come to impose itself as number one on the market!

So, surprised? We are not either! 😇

If you follow us on Instagram (right here for the latecomers), it's been several weeks since we announced it in the BeNews. Brands are leaning more and more on this trending social network to communicate, seeing the effect it has on users. Each video can go viral at any time, and if your products are mentioned in one of them, it's bingo! At the same time, with over 3 billion downloads worldwide and nearly 689 million users each month, it's hard to beat that! More and more tools are created to encourage the use of the application: TikTok funds, association with Shopify (online shopping platform) or the creation of the TikTok Kitchen based on the concept of #foodtok.

7. Virtual reality
Following the numerous confinements in the world and the closing of stores, brands had to redouble their efforts to continue selling. This is how applications have set up filters to visualize the products. Very quickly this system has grown by filtering landscapes, jewelry, characters etc..

Facebook even went further with the launch of the Metaverse, a 100% virtual world in which you can "walk" and do whatever you want thanks to a digital headset... to be continued. Anyway, this trend shows that in 2022, virtual reality will be even more present.

8. Podcasts
A new trend, although already present on the market for a few years, this tool is developing even more, and we love it. What is also interesting for 2022 are the brands and content creators who are taking it up: many are invited to talk about their job, trends, taboos in influence, opportunities, the work behind a simple post etc. It's a good way to talk openly and to discover this new profession.

What about you? What is your favorite trend of 2022?

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