Nano and micro influencer marketing is a quickly becoming the go to strategy for brands and groups. And they are right. This vertical is delivering the best results across digital advertising. But why don’t give a chance to NGOs to use influencer marketing… for free?

BeInfluence creates campaigns for a lot of different clients, from startups to big groups. Empowering them with the most impactful and authentic way to reach their audiences. But why stop there? Influencer Marketing isn’t just for big brands and product launches. It also needs to be used for real projects and world changing ideas. That is why we decided from the very beginning to collaborate with NGOs. To create and run campaigns for their missions, giving them the visibility and engagement they much need and deserve.

We created the BeGood Program. Empowering NGOs, our community and our clients through a free donations initiative.

Each time a nano or micro-influencer from our community participates in a campaign, he automatically donates 50% of his/her reward to an NGO of his/her choice among our partners. BeInfluence also donates 5% of the campaign budget directly to the BeGood Program. Thanks to those donations, our partners NGOs can run free campaigns with BeInfluence or withdraw the funds and use them at their discretion.

The BeGood program is all about giving. Giving the opportunity to our community to do good with their influence. Giving the opportunity to our clients to link their brand to social causes and world changing NGOs. And giving NGOs the opportunity to spread their message on social media and create long-lasting, impactful relationships with over 2.500 Gen Z and millennials in Belgium.

6.000€ were already donated through the BeGood program and we cannot be more proud of our community and clients for making this happening!

If you want to learn more about our partners or our campaigns with them, stay tuned, more information to come!

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