Valentine's Day is the most popular celebration for lovers and the least popular for singles! As a couple or alone, at BeInfluence we have found the best activities to do in France and Belgium to celebrate love, or self-love 😉

So don't panic and enjoy this day!

❤️ Create a special scent🌸

This perfume will take you on a journey through your relationship. It's an original idea to do with two people or with friends, after all, even single people have the right to enjoy!

❤️ A moment of relaxation🧘🏻

You have to make at least one Valentine's Day at the spa in your life. A moment of chill and cosy relaxation that we are not ready to forget. You'll get a good night's sleep right afterwards because you'll be so relaxed!

❤️ A chill evening at home 🏡

Chill yes, but with a good meal please! And a meal signed Carrefour Traiteur that is delivered directly to your home, it's even better 😉

❤️ Go to the cinema! 📽

Of course you can go and see the great movie King Richard in the cinema. We're not saying that because we invited influencers to the Premiere and because we did a campaign with Warner Bros. (No I assure you) but because the movie is really great.


❤️ Create a personalized playlist 🎵

It's kitschy yes, but at BeInfluence we love it. And we love it even more when you can play your playlist freely at Karafun in Brussels or Lille. We tested it for you, and it's 100% validated.

❤️ A brunch for food lovers 🍞

All your favorite brunches in Belgium and France on, and it's right next door. No excuse, and the diet will be starting next week 😉

❤️ A boat ride in Bruges ⛵️

Very romantic, very cliché, at BeInfluence it's a big YES! Hopefully the weather will be with you.

❤️ Greenery for Valentine's Day ☘️

And yes, outdoor activities are also the cutest with his/her lover. Take the opportunity to stop for a pancake. It's cute, it's cheap and it's always a good idea.

❤️ Lovers and food lovers 👩❤️👨

A date at a restaurant on Valentine's Day, classic, but it's a sure thing. And who doesn't love a good restaurant for two? Yummy you will enjoy it...

❤️ Singles we don't forget you 😘

Use this day for your self-love and self-care. Take advantage of your day to rest and take care of yourself! Make #homemade skincare with organic and natural products. It's everything we love! We can also advise you to use Pierre Fabre products, a timeless brand that has a #metime effect.

So what are you going to do on Valentine's Day? 😍
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