INSTAGRAM EVOLVES (YES it doesn't stop)

A few weeks ago, we announced the arrival of new features on the social media.

Being in constant evolution to always be more efficient, they propose updates regularly, or readapt their features.

This is the case recently with Instagram which decided to slow down its transition to video. Indeed, Instagram had announced a few months ago its willingness to favor video content over photos. This decision had caused controversy, from small content creators to stars like Kim Kardashian.

A petition was even set up, obtaining nearly 140,000 signatures in a few hours. Considering the discontent that this has generated among its users, Instagram has returned to its decision.

In addition, we also noticed that the photo posts had much less visibility than usual.

Instagram launches paid subscriptions!

Snapchat had also announced paid subscriptions while remaining unclear. Instagram offers its first at 2.99 €. This tool allows subscribers to have exclusive content (lives / stories) from his favorite content creator.

This will also allow content creators to have a new and more constant source of remuneration, but also to get closer to its community.

No date yet ⏳...

So, who are you going to subscribe to? For or against? 😏

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