What's going on right now on social media? 👀 Shall we give you a little update? 📲

Let's go for a little update! ⬇️⬇️⬇️

- New on Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn

BeInfluence continues the #BeNews and for those who would have missed them, here are this week's:

  • LinkedIn helps us to understand our audience
  • TikTok launches 10-minute videos
  • Instagram sets up the subtitles

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- The end of IGTV is in march

Instagram has understood that short videos are the ones preferred by Internet users. To compete with its rival TikTok, Instagram is focusing on the reels, and puts them forward in the algorithms to encourage users to post more. The IGTV had much less interest from followers, finding them too long and less relevant. We told you, 2022 content is meant to be short and efficient, attractive from the first 3 seconds. Ironically, the TikTok platform has just announced the introduction of 10-minute videos. So we can see that the two rivals are not going in the same direction...

- LinkedIn launches into the podcast

If you've read our article on digital marketing trends in 2022, it's no surprise that the LinkedIn platform has also decided to launch a podcast. Its podcast is called LinkedIn Podcast Network and is about the world of work, presented by professionals. It will be available on its platform and on all podcast platforms in general.

7.7 billion euros

is the revenue generated by digital advertising in 2021*. This is an impressive figure that proves how important the market of communication on social networks and online platforms is. BeInfluence is an expert in this business 😉

*according to the "Observatoire de l'e-pub du SRI"

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