With the rise of content creators and the world of influence, talent management becomes central to communication agencies.

Content creators have become key elements of creative strategies through social networks. Brands are chasing them, and agencies want to help them grow even more.

At BeInfluence Europe, we launched several months ago a talent management department in Belgium  (read our article right here).

The Sway Crew is a unit within the agency that brings together all the creators who joined our Talent management pool and help them going to the next level. 😉

Talent Management is becoming a profession in its own like agents are for artists. It became an essential function within our agency. Talent managers are the people who represent them, but they are also the people you need to contact when you want to work with a specific content creator of the Sway Crew. They will negotiate contracts, remuneration and assignments. In other words, they are very useful for content creators and essential for agencies. As we speak today: Jérôme, Rachel and Alizée are our superhero. They #rock the collabs perfectly. 😍

Happy to share once again our portfolio of amazing content creators 👀

  • Shauna! Our favourite tiktoker, our daily dose of energy, it’s a pleasure to work with her. With her guaranteed dose of humour, she makes every collab even better 🔥
  • Krego is the one who makes us laugh and sing at the same time, his good vibes and videos plunge you directly into his universe. Creativity and passion are definitely two traits of her personality that we adore ❤️
  • Vidal’s got all the hats we want. It’s simple he excels in what he does: a confirmed artist, but also a talented director, he still remains very present for his community especially through social networks 👀
  • Alizée who manages to transport us through our phone to Korea where she shares her daily life with us. Editor, painter, draftsman, what we like most is her creativity ☀️
  • Steeve the social network ace. He loves to make his community laugh through all of his accomplishments.  But he’s also passionate about basketball, sneakers and fashion. It’s a little Swiss knife.
  • David the student advisor.  he shares his tips and tricks for success. Passionate about motorbikes and travel, he does not hesitate to put it forward in order to share all his creativity through original and worked content. 
  • Mona has a touch of everything. She is a TikTokeuse, Youtube and Instagrameuse with creativity in spades. But above all she is a "zinzin" person, fun, original, with a touch of tonicity and freshness.

We can’t wait to tell you more about our next collabs. Without these content creators, the world of influence is not as fun.