Social networks are constantly evolving, with new features and updates coming out regularly 📲

At BeInfluence Europe, we are obviously very interested in it 👀 And this week it's Laurane, our campaign manager, who looked into the subject and did some research. You just have to read just below ...

➡️ A new identity

A new identity

A new identity

A new identity

A new identity

A new logo, a new typography, a new design!

These new points are aimed at:

  • to establish a distinct identity
  • to bring more dynamism and depth to the colors
  • to create a "modular brand" system with design applications on different platforms
New colors Instagram

New typography

➡️ A new feed organization

This organization offers a personalized experience for users. So they can freely reorganize their gallery of posts of the people they are following.There is now the feed "favorites" or else "following" that you can select directly from the menu.

Feed organization according to "favorites" and "following"

➡️ Pin content to your Instagram page

So pinned posts appear at the top of your Instagram profile. It can be your favorite posts, or the ones that got the most traffic. It's your choice! Through these pinned posts, brands can highlight their latest news, brand history, upcoming events or releases.

Pinned post on @mosseri profile (Head of Instagram)

➡️ TikTok feed!

An Instagram feed focused on videos with a full screen display valuing videos has been implemented. Moreover, videos are more prominently displayed than photos. If you want to grow your Instagram account, focus on video 😉

Full screen like TikTok

➡️ Multiple links possible in the bio

It will certainly soon be possible to add several links within the same Insta bio. So, by clicking on the bio, it will be possible to redirect to different external links.

Instagram @AlessandroPaluzzi

➡️ Fewer stories

Slowly Instagram is starting to display only the first three stories of some users publish many contents. So the number of stories is displayed below the username and if the subscriber wants to see the stories he has to click on it. Be careful, however, this new display may affect the visibility of some accounts that publish a lot. But for the user, his experience is more fluid because he chooses the content he faces.

Hidden stories @Phil Ricelle

➡️ Translation and subtitles

The subtitles are automatically translated. This way the contents are made available to everyone including the hearing impaired.

Instagram offers us an experience that is more and more fluid and enjoyable. New features will surely continue to arrive this year as the app evolves rapidly.

Source: Le Blog du Modérateur

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