You work in influencer marketing and content marketing has no secret for you?

As a content creator,

☀️ To sign the contract I will have to

A contract is created between the agency, the client and the content creator. The terms are defined in advance and must be agreed by all. There is what is called a commercial relationship. The content creator receives a compensation (financial, discount, gifts etc.) from the client in exchange of the communication through his social networks. 

☀️ Have my content validated I will

The work of the content creator must be validated by the client before being shared and has some conditions: use of hashtags, product placements, promo code, contests etc. 

☀️ Distinguishing sponsored content from personal content I will know

With the rise of social networks, it is now essential and necessary to distinguish between sponsored content (i.e. collaborations) and personal content. 

☀️ Mention "advertising" I will do

If it is an advertising campaign, the word "advertising" is required. We can also read the words "sponsored", "paid partnership" or "product placement", it depends on the type of communication and collaboration. 

☀️To the legislation I will look after

In addition, depending on the country, other legislative conditions must be taken into consideration, in particular the legal mentions concerning the communication of alcohol (Loi Évin), food (Loi sur la Santé) or even medicines. In case the conditions are not respected, the Jury d’Éthique Publicitaire (JEP) gets involved and sanctions the responsible persons in case of non respect of the law. It is also important to know that a content creator cannot be held personally responsible in case of a problem during a potential order, only the seller is.

☀️ Mention the client I will

The client must be mentioned on the publication, so that the users know who and what it is. 

☀️ Responsible I will be

Everyone has a responsibility in collaborations, and rules must be respected by all to ensure the user experience. For example, any unfair or non-contractual communication is prohibited.

☀️ Inform me I will make sure

Guides, such as the Guide de bonnes pratiques sur la publicité en ligne, have been published and provide tips and information to keep in mind. 

A connected generation @pinterest

Whether you're a content creator, a brand, or an agency, they're there to inform, protect, and provide legal certainty. The Centre de la Communication has published its Influencer Recommendations report, which will be very useful to you.

🚨 Finally, the rules vary from one country to another, so we must be careful. A European legislation will be soon in view of the rapid growth of these marketing practices. 

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