What an incredible campaign with Warner Bros! 🎾

The perfect movie for all tennis lovers! 🤩

BeInfluence and Warner Bros invited content creators to the very exclusive movie premiere of King Richard.

What an event! We are so thrilled to share the results of this cool campaign.

Content creators from our community took some pictures before the film session. They had so much fun as you can see ⬆️

The key moment was when the content creators came at the premiere and met each other. The BeInfluence team was also here and really enjoyed it. It is a pleasure to see our community having fun 🤩

11 nano, micro and macro content creators were invited and they have done great stories and TikToks about the event 🔥🔥

@mariustory la bande annonce est dans ma story à la une “tennis” si jamais ❤️ #KingRichard @Warner Bros. Belgium ♬ original sound - Marius
@meesterjuan Advertentie @Warner Bros. Belgium: Ga King Richard nu in de cinema zien om ook even die mentale boost mee te pikken! ❤️💫Let’s Goo! 💙💫 #kingrichard ♬ origineel geluid - Meester Juan

Check our Instagram post and tell us what you think about the movie ⬇️ ⬇️

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