BACK TO SCHOOOOL and BACK TO WORK for the team! (Even if we worked all summer long! ☀️ there is no break for a winning team) 😉

To celebrate it, our two favorite CEOs had a surprise for the team... A new place to be 😻

Come with us to discover how this special day went...

9:30 am: The team arrived at the Egg. No one knew what it was about at this moment 👀

9:55 am: The team took the elevator (many elevators in fact...yeah...the team is now too big to go in only one...sorry not sorry).

9:57 am: WHAT A SURPRISE! The BeInfluence logo on the wall. Boris announced to the team that these are their new offices. Where they can work (a lot) from now, and do the best creative strategies. The new offices are now near from the Midi Station. Pretty cool for the Paris team and especially our CCO Thomas when he travels from Paris to Brussels.

10:10 am: Discovering the place, nice terrace to eat and take lunch when the weather allows it lol! Even the toilets are better now than the ones from our old offices.

10:30 am: En route to Starbucks for the whole team! #yummy 17 drinks to order OMG. Rachel, Claudia, Thomas and Jérôme went together to carry everything. Our bosses even brought yummy croissants 🥐

Say hello to our lovely plant that we got from Jerome's mother who's working at the flower boutique near to the station ❤️🌱🪴🌸

11:30 am: We announced the news to the team in Paris 🇫🇷

12:00 am: Time to lunch!! and get back to business 😈

At the beginning of the year, the Paris team got the occasion to have new office near the Eiffel Tower, and it was a DREAM! So happy for the Brussels Team who really needed one because of the bigger team and the bigger projects!

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